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soldercon blue 50-pack

soldercon blue 50-pack


The best waterproof low-voltage wire connector on the market!


The "blue" is a medium size, good for AWG 18-14.


Great for making a smooth in-line permanent wire connection without marrets or other bulky connectors.


All you need is a lighter or a heat-gun with a narrow nozzle.

  1. Strip ech wire about 1/4"
  2. Insert wires on each side of the connector, overlapping the stripped sections inside the metal tube.
  3. Use a standard lighter or heat-gun to heat up the tube, in a back and forth motion for even heat.
  4. The plastic tube will  shrink. When the metal tuble melts, stop applying heat and hold in place until everything cools.

NOTE: the connector will be waterproof if there is ONLY ONE wire per side. 

  • Multiple wires per side can be used for indoor applications.

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